laffin plush

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Laffin Plush

Laffin Plush is a new line of plush toys designed by the Laffin plush manufacturing company in the United States. The plush toys are soft, … Read more


Babies Stuffed Toys

Kitsune Luigi

Today I want to share with you my newest plush toy, which is one of my most beloved possessions. It is a stuffed animal called … Read more


Babies Stuffed Toys

Fat Shiba

As you could tell from the title, fat Shiba is stuffed animals that are fat. There are a lot of varieties, but basically, they are … Read more

doraemon teddy

Babies Stuffed Toys

Doraemon Teddy

Doraemon is a fictional character from the Manga and anime series of the same name. The series revolves around a humanoid robot named “Doraemon” and … Read more

cuddly squid

Babies Stuffed Toys

Cuddly Squid

Hello, and welcome to Cuddly Squid! I make a plush of the adorable cuddly squid, which is a sea-dwelling species of cephalopods that lives in … Read more


Babies Stuffed Toys

Doll Pokemon

Craze gripped the world when the incredibly addictive doll Pokemon toys entered the market. Doll Pokemon fans may now have every Pokemon species in real … Read more